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A simple and efficient application designed to function as a database, enabling you to store important information in an organized fashion

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TablePro is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software created to offer you the means of neatly organizing bits of information into as many rows and columns as you need, with minimal effort.

Simple and practical appearance

Following a brief and uneventful installation process, you can launch the program and start working with it immediately, as its approachable interface makes it easy to handle, even if you do not have prior experience with similar utilities.

The main window of TablePro features a toolbar that lists all the functions you may want to use, enabling you to create a new table or add entries in an existing one, in just a few clicks.

Build tables and fill them with data

To start creating a table, you can press the ‘New’ button in the applications’ toolbar or choose the equivalent option from the File menu, then enter the name of the columns that you need.

Subsequently, you can click on the ‘Add’ button and begin filling your table with the data you want to organize, according to the column that it fits under. Aside from text, you can also insert images or hyperlinks, allowing you to store almost anything you may need in a single location.

TablePro supports quite extensive files with thousands of entries, so you can easily include a wide range of items, such as lists of contact details, movie, music or book catalogs, statistics files, employee lists, inventories and countless others. Moreover, the utility is able to export the files to CSV, DBF, TXT, XLS, HTML, XML or DOC formats, enabling you to easily open them in other text editors for further work.

Handy information organizer

To sum it up, TablePro is an efficient and easy to use data managing instrument that can successfully assist you in thoroughly organizing information in large-sized tables, with countless columns and rows.

TablePro was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 4th, 2015
TablePro - The application allows you to create customizable tables, with as many rows and columns as you wish.TablePro - You can create new tables from the File menu, and you can also open the existent ones from your disk.TablePro - You can edit rows or column items from the Record menu, and you can also access the Search function.TableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTableProTablePro

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