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Task Launcher is a convenient, small and easy to use program that allows you to access more programs from quicklaunch

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Task Launcher is an easy to use application that does exactly what its name suggests: it lets you launch apps with just one click.

More like an enhancement of the Windows quick launch tool, Task Launcher needs only basic computer knowledge, as it all comes down to the configuration process.

You can select as many apps as you want, with Task Launcher requiring users to provide a name and a path to the executable file for every single added program.

There are no other configuration options except for two color schemes and while this contributes to the overall customization factor, it’s still a major drawback that users aren’t allowed to tweak the program interface.

The ace up its sleeve remains the simplicity we were talking about, so it’s no surprise that Task Launcher runs smoothly on all Windows versions, without any negative impact on system performance.

There’s no help section, but you don’t even need one thanks to the small number of features. What’s more, a few seconds should be enough in order to figure out the purpose of each tool, so everything remains very basic all the time.

All things considered, the idea behind Task Launcher is good, but the project clearly needs major improvements. It’s a good thing that it’s so easy to use, but such an application requires many more customization options, as well as advanced tools to let us configure not only apps, but also shortcuts and web links.

Task Launcher was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 23rd, 2012
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