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Taskmaster is a useful and robust To-Do manager that comes with advanced features




Taskmaster is a useful and robust To-Do manager that comes with advanced features to help track tasks and anything you can make a list for.

Sometimes there is so much you need to do that you can't figure out where to start.

Put your chaos in order with TaskMaster, the todo program that keeps track of anything you can make a list for.

With alarms, categories, AutoTasks, and much more, TaskMaster helps you get a handle on the "in" basket of your life.

Here are some key features of "TaskMaster":

■ Add tasks easily and quickly with a single keypress.
■ Use an unlimited amount of categories to help organize your lists.
■ Make your tasks as simple or as detailed as you wish.
■ Set custom sound alarms to remind you of important appointments or deadlines.
■ Use custom colors to show which tasks require the most attention.
■ Sort tasks based on Description, Priority, Category, or any other detail of a task.
■ TaskMaster can log all completed tasks so that you can look back into history and see all that you've accomplished and on what date.
■ Create AutoTasks to automatically create tasks in your list every week, every month, etc.. You can even set a reminder to notify you when AutoTasks have been added to your list.
■ Create and save multiple task lists. Make one for work, and another for around the house!
■ Need help? TaskMaster comes with a complete help guide to get you started.
■ Customize TaskMaster to your likings by specifying what kind of information you want to see, what colors to use, which sounds to play (if any at all), even specify a custom field for unique information.
■ TaskMaster allows you to create your own Profile, so you can have personalized lists and settings for each member of the family.
■ Print detailed to do checklists for things that need to get done so you can take your task list with you on the road!
Last updated on June 6th, 2006