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A keyboard layout that enables you to quickly and easily type in the Telugu language using a well thought out letter and key arrangement

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Telugu is the most widely spoken Dravidian language in In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and Yanam. Telugu Keyboard - Sarala aims to provide you with a ergonomic Telugu keyboard which you can use to type in various text editors. With it you can type into MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel without having to copy paste the text from third party applications or even Google Translate.

Thanks to its ergonomics you are able to improve your writing speed because the keyboard layout is designed to use a smaller percentage of keystrokes. The arrangement is thought out to minimize the movement of the arms across the keyboard by placing the most used keys in the center of the keyboard.

A serious and detailed look is given to the problems that your hands might face after an extensive use of the Telugu writing language. In this matter, Telugu Keyboard - Sarala eliminates the use of certain keys by allowing you to type in words using fewer keys. Telugu Keyboard - Sarala was created to eliminate the issues caused by the DOE Inscript that is optimized for the Hindi language and instead focuses on the natural frequency with which Telugu letters are used in a text.

Since this is a complex writing language for Telugu non-speakers and presents a new type of keyboard arrangement, the Telugu Keyboard - Sarala language pack also comes with a series of tutorials that are meant to improve your writing speed.

The Telugu keyboard layout that Sarala brings is based on a detailed and complex study of design principles and methodology, determining the letter pairs and finally assigning them to the computer keyboard.

In closing, Telugu Keyboard - Sarala aims to ease the stress on your fingers and improve the typing experience in Telugu by efficiently accommodating over 70 letters and punctuation marks on your keyboard and making them easily accessible.

Telugu Keyboard - Sarala was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 12th, 2015
Telugu Keyboard - Sarala - This program provides you with a handy Telugu Keyboard you can install on your system.Telugu Keyboard - Sarala - You can view the keyoard layout in order to get accustomed with the symbols.

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