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A lightweight and very user-friendly application created to offer you the means of comparing TXT and DOC files between each other

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TextDoc Compare Utility is a handy and very simple to understand piece of software created to provide you with the ability of identifying the distinctions between two files, supporting both DOC and TXT formats.

Portability advantages

Following the download operation, you can decompress the archive and run the executable, as the program does not need to be installed on your PC in order to function.

In addition, due to the fact that it functions as a standalone tool, you can easily store and carry TextDoc Compare Utility with you on a removable media drive, using it on all compatible systems without leaving a trace when deleted.

Swiftly compare your documents and find the differences in just seconds

The application’s main window enables you to load the two files you want to analyze, in TXT or DOC format, the latter up to version 2003 of Microsoft Office. After adding the two source items, you can click on the ‘Compare’ button, retrieving your results within moments.

TextDoc Compare Utility highlights the sentences where a difference is encountered, while also displaying a report comprising all the distinctions for ‘File #1’, ‘File #2’ or both.

In addition, you can press the ‘Pop Up’ button and view the ‘Entire List of Changes’ or only the ones for a specific document. Optionally, you can copy the data in the report to clipboard and paste it in another file, for later usage, as it cannot be exported automatically from the program.

However, TextDoc Compare Utility allows very little room for tinkering with its functions, as you cannot decide any of the search options or the highlight colors. Also, you can only work with two items simultaneously, meaning additional files will need to be processed gradually.

A straightforward change finder

All in all, TextDoc Compare Utility is a useful and effective application that you can resort to whenever you need to identify the differences between two documents or determine the changes that occurred between various editing operations.

TextDoc Compare Utility was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
TextDoc Compare Utility - The main window of TextDoc Compare Utility allows you to load the files you want to work withTextDoc Compare Utility - In the dedicated window, you can view the complete list of differences between the two files