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Create projects, assign tasks, monitor work and break time with this comprehensive application, that can help you increase productivity

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Whether you are a company manager or someone looking to maximize their own productivity, a tool that can help you optimize your workflow is extremely useful. One such application is Time Doctor Pro.

It is an intuitive program that allows you to track how much time you or your employees spend working on projects or performing other tasks.

In order to use the application, you need to create an online account.

Monitor the time spent on specific projects and tasks

Time Doctor Pro allows you to create projects and assign any number of tasks to each of them. Once a task has been started, the program tracks the time that has been spent completing it.

Certain tasks can be labeled as high or low priority, in order to indicate the order in which they should be performed.

Avoid wasting time and stay focused on your task

The program offers an interesting function, that tracks the time you or your employees spend on YouTube, Facebook or other websites that are not work-related. If it detects that you have spent a certain amount of time browsing these websites, it generates a popup window to remind you to focus on your current task.

Time Doctor Pro also tracks the amount of time spent using various application, which can help pinpoint the causes of reduced productivity.

View and export detailed reports

By accessing your online account, you can view numerous reports that are compiled based on data gathered by the application.

You can view timesheets, timelines, website and application usage, time spent working on certain projects and whether employees were absent or late. These reports can be printed or exported to your computer as XLS, CSV or PDF files.

Overall, Time Doctor Pro is a comprehensive tool you can use to increase your own or your employees' productivity, by tracking the time spent on certain projects or tasks and generating detailed reports.

Time Doctor Pro was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on June 19th, 2015
Time Doctor Pro - Time Doctor Pro allows you to create projects, assign multiple tasks to each one and monitor work time.Time Doctor Pro - The application can display popup windows to remind you to start timing your work.Time Doctor Pro - You can take a break from the current task and the program monitors how much time has passed.Time Doctor ProTime Doctor ProTime Doctor ProTime Doctor ProTime Doctor ProTime Doctor ProTime Doctor Pro