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Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations to self-running executable files or export them to various graphic formats, as well as HTML or RTF documents

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Convert PPT for PowerPoint is a useful application designed to allow the conversion of PowerPoint presentations into images or self-running executable files that can be opened on any computer, without having PowerPoint installed.

Included in the Office suite, PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation designing software, but opening PPT or PPTX files cannot be done in its absence. Therefore, sharing the created presentations requires PowerPoint to be installed on the target computer.

Convert PPT for PowerPoint aims to solve this inconvenient by immediately converting presentation files to EXE or various image file types (GIF, JPG, PNG or BMP), which can be easily opened on any Windows PC, without the need of additional software. It is compatible with all PowerPoint versions.

The user-friendly application comes in the form of a wizard, guiding you all the way through the conversion process, throughout each necessary step. Aside from the aforementioned graphic formats, the application supports RTF or HTML documents (HTML v3 and HTML dual files are also available).

Thanks to the wizard-like GUI, the conversion process is just a matter of pressing a few 'Next' buttons. You can select the output type, locate the input PowerPoint presentation and configure the target location.

Additionally, your presentation can be assigned a locally stored icon and a music file to be used as soundtrack during the playback. Slides can be changed on mouse click or every a few seconds and a looping option is also available.

An utility such as Convert PPT for PowerPoint is necessary for situations when you want to distribute or share a PowerPoint presentation, a tutorial or an usage guide. Its advantage is that it eliminates the need to have PowerPoint installed on a PC in order to watch a presentation.
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Last updated on April 9th, 2014

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Convert PPT for PowerPoint - Convert PPT for PowerPoint will help you convert Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations to Self-Running Exe Files/ImagesConvert PPT for PowerPoint - Users will be able to access options such as PowerPoint File or Output Directory within the Select Folders step of the wizardConvert PPT for PowerPoint - The Additional Options step of the wizard will provide users with options like Change Slides on Mouse Click or Change Slides time interval

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