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A lightweight software utility designed to help you convert Word documents to a variety of other formats, complete with batch mode capabilities

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Microsoft Word documents are among the most popular text files you can come across, due to their versatility and extended functionality. Hence, it may be useful to be able to convert other extensions to DOC or DOCX as well, in case they are delivered in other, more difficult to manage formats.

Convert Word files to a wide range of formats

Total Word Files Converter is a software utility designed to provide you with the ability to convert between a large array of text formats, including PDF, TXT or RTF. In addition, the application can handle and process multiple files at the same time, thanks to its batch conversion capabilities and fast response times.

As you might expect, the procedure is rather simple, since all you are required to do is to select the desired documents from your computer and add them to the conversion list. The supported formats include DOC, DOCX and DOT when it comes to importing items and you can also view their complete name once you add them.

Convert documents in batch mode

Instead of adding each file by hand, the application provides you with the option to include entire folders at once, by simply selecting the desired directory from your computer. Once added, the utility can automatically detect the supported document types found within the targeted folder and display them in the conversion list.

After the procedure is complete, the items can be easily saved on your computer. You can choose to output the results in the same folder as the original files, or to create a new directory somewhere else on your system to store them. The name of this newly created folder is created using the current date and time, in order to avoid any overwriting issues.

A fast and reliable Word converter

In the end, Total Word Files Converter accomplishes its purpose, by allowing you to convert Word documents to a wide array of other formats in a very short amount of time. In addition, the batch mode capabilities and the intuitive interface allow anyone to take full advantage of its power, regardless of your computer skills.

Total Word Files Converter was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 30th, 2014
Total Word Files Converter - You can load multiple text files at once into the main window of the application.Total Word Files Converter - The File menu allows you to add entire folders to the conversion list, as well as exit the application.