TransTools 3.3

A collection of tools designed for Microsoft Word, Excel or Autodesk AutoCAD to speed up the document translation process and check for spelling mistakes
TransTools provides you with a set of tools for Office applications that enables you to process documents and prepare them for translation, proof-read and format them. Designed to enhance the working productivity of translators, the application can be installed as an addon for Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio and AutoCAD.

Once installed, TransTools can be found in the 'Add-Ins' section of the above-mentioned Office programs. Its main purpose is to format the document in the pre-translation stage and assist you during the whole translation and text checking process.

The program uses CAT tools in order to prepare the document for translation. It allows you to hide or unhide document portions, find, replace and insert text, apply matching styles throughout the text, clean-up badly formatted files to make them easier to translate or remove excessive tags.

Additionally, it can clean Trados-formatted documents, process OCR resulting documents (with the 'Document Cleaner'), insert custom symbols, extract all the grahphics from the opened file, pretranslate common text to the target language, as well as find and quickly format numbers.

Both automatic and manual localization options are available and the application can find and detect double spaces and duplicate sections throughout the text. The application provides support for various languages, enabling you to set language pairs and configure their localization and language check settings.

It can also assist you during the proof-reading process, in order to make sure that the translation is fully completed and verify it for common mistakes. Once the text is translated, you can perform language checking and create glossaries. Text bookmarks are designed to help you quickly find important text sections, while to-do lists allow you to organize your work easier.

All in all, TransTools comes with advanced text formatting and processing capabilities, which make it a must-have tool for any translator out there. Its special commands allow you to automate some of the manual tasks and minimize the time allocated for proof-reading and text corrections.

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TransTools - TransTools comes with a separate tab in Microsoft Word, where you can find all the available tools and settings.TransTools - You can modify the formatting, replace words and remove highlights by accessing the TransTools menu.TransTools - The TransTools Utilities Configuration window enables you to change the General menu hotkey and the clipboard paste speed.TransToolsTransToolsTransToolsTransToolsTransToolsTransTools
What's New in This Release:
  • TransTools for Word:
  • Document Cleaner has been significantly improved. All commands are now grouped into three categories: Tag Cleaner (removes excessive tags from documents created with OCR/PDF conversion tools prior to importing into a CAT tool), Autoformat (automatically formats documents produced by OCR/PDF conversion tools to make them easier to edit and translate), and Other Tools (combines a number of additional tools that can help you produce a well-formatted document which will be easier to translate and edit)
  • Tag Cleaner tool functions in the same way as the older Reformat command, but integrates additional commands for removal of excessive bookmarks (previously included in Bookmark Cleanup command) and accepting of tracked revisions, which are also responsible for excessive tags.
  • Autoformat tool includes older functionality – the Unframe command and the Apply Variable Row Height command – and also integrates many additional options that can help you produce a cleaner document which will be easier to format further. For a detailed list and description of the options, see the reference section on the Autoformat tool.
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TransTools helps you translate documents and proofread them for errors, typing mistakes and bad text formatting.This t...

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