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A useful tool that allows Urdu documents to be read on any PC without the need to install any language packs or third party software

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Urdu Reader, as its name suggests, is an application especially designed to help you open and read documents that have been written in the Urdu language. It’s a digital tool that is easy to use and should tailor to the needs of anyone who is looking for a simple solution to reading and printing Urdu text.

Intuitive interface

Urdu Reader is meant to be a document reader so it might confuse you a bit when you first open it as it looks very much like a text editor, although for that you have Urdu Editor. The similarities reside in the fact that Urdu Reader displays the same classic interface you expect from a basic text editor, or so would the top toolbar suggest.

From a top pane you can load files, zoom in, change alignment, emboss text or switch it to Italic style, enlarge or reduce its size, as well as change the color. You can also print a loaded document and search for specific text inside.

Basically, Urdu Reader enables you to do everything a simple editor can, except add or remove content.

Grab Urdu text from a document

Using Urdu Reader you can’t write material but you can select as much as you want and copy it to Clipboard and from there to an application that allows you to edit it.

Since you are able to resize text, color it differently and more, if the third party text editor supports it, what you copy from Urdu Reader maintains its properties. This way, if you simply added some color annotations and changed the alignment of the text, that will be visible when you place it into the editor.

A practical Urdu reader

To wrap it up, Urdu Reader offers all the basic tools anyone needs to open, view and read a document written in the aforementioned language.

Urdu Reader was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
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