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Window-Eyes is nothing less than the most stable screen reader available on the market today

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Visually impaired users have a chance of using the computer aided by special software designed for screen reading. Window-Eyes is a screen reader that can translate the information on the screen into speech and even Braille.

The application is designed for compatibility with a slew of frequently used programs and it can be tweaked to extend the default list.

Simple install routine, initial configuration

Installing the product is not a complicated task but some time is required to properly configure it at the beginning so that it suits your needs.

An initial configuration wizard takes you through the process of making the proper settings, and this includes choosing a comfortable speech rate or selecting the actions you want to be translated to speech.

Most of these settings can be adjusted later, from the configuration panel of the program.

Functionality and features

To get an idea about its capabilities, it can communicate all the actions of the mouse or keyboard along with the windows that appear on the screen. Basically, all the elements appearing on the screen are automatically described to the user.

Furthermore, the program can help navigate through the icons on the desktop and inform the user what each of them are as well as tell the their position.

The configuration panel is easy to use and allows tinkering with the available choices that can make the product work better. It can be tweaked to increase or decrease the sound level, pitch and tone.

Additionally, it features multiple synthesizers to pick from and supports an impressive variety of Braille displays.


Window-Eyes functionality is based on scripts that allow it to interact with various applications. This, combined with the plethora of scripts already available, makes it comprehensible and versatile, allowing the visually impaired access to computer resources and online information.

Window-Eyes was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 13th, 2014
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