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A comprehensive and reliable assistant that tracks all your scheduled meetings, anniversaries, appointments and contacts with ease

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Winner+ Pro is a straightforward and practical assistant especially designed for users who need to manage and organize their appointments, events, contacts, messages, competitions and investments in a secure way.

Intended mostly for financial advisors, the application acts as a personal secretary since it reminds them of their daily target, calls, meetings and other special events through auto reminders.

Streamlined and user-oriented interface

Winner+ Pro comes with a modern and intuitive interface, as well as with well organized menus, so even novice users can master this application. After you successfully login into the program, a new insurance target screen appears, showing you the total number of days left to complete the target.

Intuitive prospecting options and auto-reminders

By accessing the Organiser menu, you are able to preview all your daily activities with ease. Since it displays three options you can choose from, such as ‘Calendar’, ‘Taskpad’ and ‘Daily’, you can easily schedule your main activities. This way, Winner+ Pro will notify you about each appointment, meeting, call or any other event.

What’s more, the application enables you to organize and manage all your investments, insurance policies and competitions. On this manner, you can preview the days left until you reach the target, as well as the achieved amount of money down to the current day.

Full-detailed reports for a better analysis

You can also navigate to the Reports menu in case you want to preview all the scheduled calls, meetings, birthdays and anniversaries. You can easily choose the date range or the fields you are interested in, then generate a new document that you can print for further analysis.

Simply way to organize your daily tasks and get notified about important events

To conclude, Winner+ Pro comes across as a user-oriented program that allows you to quickly schedule your important events, get notified via Auto Reminder functions, manage your daily targets and generate intuitive reports.

Winner+ Pro was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
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