XBL Barcode Generator

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Comprehensive tool which enables you to generate multiple barcodes, print them according to your preferences or save them to multiple file formats

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XBL Barcode Generator is a software application whose main purpose is to aid people in creating multiple barcodes in the same time and printing them with a minimal amount of effort.

Cluttered UI, yet well-written documentation

The installation process runs smooth, while the interface you come across is a bit messy. It is comprised of a menu bar, multiple drop-down menus and boxes, some buttons and a few panes in which to view various information.

Nevertheless, well-drawn Help contents are included, thus enabling everybody to work with XBL Barcode Generator, including those less experienced in all things related to computers.

Input details and tweak certain parameters

This utility enables you to input a single barcode value, choose its print quality and add a title, while a preview is available in a dedicated pane.

Moreover, you can rotate the barcode image, change its format, font type and size, adjust the width and height and copy it to the Clipboard, so that you can easily use it in another program.

Print and export barcodes, use other built-in tools

You can prepare barcodes for printing, by selecting your printer, paper size, number of columns and rows per sheet, and alignment and adjusting margin size. You can also export them to an XLS, BMP, EMF or PNG file format.

A serial numbers builder and an ISBN barcode generator are incorporated in this tool, while you can also save your projects as templates, for safekeeping or later use, or insert them to a blank MS Word or Excel file.

A final evaluation

To wrap it up, XBL Barcode Generator is a pretty efficient piece of software, dedicated to all user categories that want to create, manage and save barcodes. All tasks are completed in a timely manner, and we did not come by any freezes or errors in our tests. The computer’s performance is not going to be hampered at all.

XBL Barcode Generator was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on November 4th, 2014
XBL Barcode Generator - The main window of the application allows you to enter the content of the barcode and to adjust the layout.XBL Barcode Generator - You can export the barcode to an image file in order to use it in other applications.XBL Barcode Generator - The program includes a Serial Numbers Builder that allows you to generate multiple database entries.XBL Barcode Generator - You can use the ISBN Barcode Maker in order to create an ISBN code and to save it as an image file.