Xiant Filer 1.2.542.0

An add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook that helps you more efficiently manage your e-mail
Xiant Filer was designed to be an add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook that helps you more efficiently manage your e-mail. Filer simplifies the task of keeping your inbox organized by allowing you to file messages with a single click. Filer also keeps you focused on important topics in your e-mail without being distracted by the contents of your larger mailbox.

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook as your e-mail application, Xiant Filer can instantly help you become a more efficient user of e-mail. Filer is an add-in that integrates seamlessly into the Outlook application. It enhances Outlook's underlying message-filing capabilities, making it easier to keep your e-mail organized by quickly filing messages to folders in Outlook.

Filer also offers an alternative topical view into the contents of your mailbox. Each topic watches for and collects only messages from targeted e-mail threads. Create a topic and use it as an alternative to your inbox to actively track only a subset of messages in your mailbox.

Main features:

  • Seamless Outlook integration:
  • The Xiant Filer user interface is integrated into the following areas of Outlook:
  • In the Outlook window:
  • Xiant Filer toolbar
  • Xiant Filer menu
  • Filer commands on the message shortcut (right-click) menu
  • In the message window, Filer controls are available on the Ribbon
  • Folder recommendations:
  • Filer uses an advanced recommendation algorithm to suggest folders where you are likely to move messages. This algorithm:
  • Learns your filing preferences, so the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes
  • May return multiple recommendations, listed in order of expected relevance
  • Differentiates between multiple folders of the same name
  • Keeps folder recommendations separate for delegate mailboxes
  • E-mail filing capabilities:
  • Use Filer to move message in a variety of ways:
  • Move selected messages to the most highly recommended quick pick folder recommendation with a single click
  • Bypass recommendations by specifying a different folder, either by browsing to an existing folder or creating a new one
  • Move a batch of messages that relate to the selected one:
  • Move an entire message thread
  • Move all messages from the sender
  • Move all messages from the sender received previous to the selected one
  • Undo the previous move you initiated using the Filer
  • Mark messages moved by Filer as having been read (optional)
  • Include sent messages when moving an entire message thread (optional)
  • Automatically file messages received from a sender after a specified delay
  • Topical view of e-mail (Topics):
  • Use the Filer's Topic feature to create a topic that collects and tracks e-mail—sent as well as received messages—that pertains to one or more conversation threads:
  • Create a topic from a single message (Filer searches the mailbox for other messages in the thread and adds them for you)
  • Add or remove message threads from a topic
  • Show or hide topics—all or selectively—to display only those topics in which you are interested
  • Open messages directly from a displayed topic
  • Identify new/unread messages in watched threads from a topic
  • File messages from a topic to an Outlook folder:
  • Move by utilizing folder recommendations, browsing for a folder, or dragging the topic to an Outlook folder
  • Selectively exclude messages by folder (for example, leave your sent e-mail in the Sent Items folder)
  • Arrange displayed topics on the screen:
  • Move and resize a topic or change its color
  • Dock topics to the exterior of the Outlook window
  • Stack topics on top of one another to conserve screen space
  • Delete a topic when you are finished with it (this does not delete the messages from your mailbox)
  • Multiple machine support:
  • If you work in a Microsoft Exchange environment and use Outlook on multiple computers, you can install and use Filer on each one. Filer considers your filing preferences from all computers when it recommends folders and also shares topics across computers.

last updated on:
February 8th, 2010, 21:06 GMT
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15.3 MB
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Vulcan Technologies
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operating system(s):
Windows XP / Vista
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