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A fast and reliable financial risk analysis tool that uses the Monte Carlo pattern and helps you analyze your possible business profit





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YourSim provides the probability for generating a loss, and graphs and numbers to describe data as break even and profit. Sensitivity and cash build-up are easily analyzed by manipulating the data put into the model.

You don't have to spend money on expensive lessons to use YourSim. Its interface is simple and intuitive, a window with only the most important data to relate to, regarding demand, price and variable and fixed costs.

YourSim template will allow users to apply the Monte Carlo simulation method on their business data and calculate possible profit.

There are no dialogue boxes (except standard Excel warnings if you use unvalid data), this is a straight Excel 4 MB spreadsheet workbook with no macros or other code applied. Just enter your numbers, decide how they are distributed, make up your mind about how your business is sited and organized, or let the model take any scenario into consideration.

For complex problems with uncertain inputs, computer supported Monte Carlo simulation is often the only feasible option.

For that reason it is widely used in meteorology, finance and a large number of scientific disciplines to forecast scenarios that are probability distributed. YourSim provides a simple and cheap analysis tool based on broadly accepted scientific methods.
Last updated on February 22nd, 2014
YourSim - YourSim helps users simulate and analyze financial statistic data using the Monte Carlo patten.YourSim - Users can type all the required variables and data, then calculate the probability of profit for their business.YourSim - The Profit tab displays a graphical representation of the calculated statistical data.

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