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Automatically scans and sends documents as PDF / TIFF / ZIP






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Z-Scan2Send is a program for simple and automatic sending of paper documents over the internet. It supports e-mail and FTP transfer, also securely via the encrypted SFTP/FTPS protocol. That guarantees fast and secure transfer of print documents, e.g. between subsidiary and headquarters or self-accounting entrepreneur and accountant.

After you configure the application, you will be able to scan and email documents with just a few mouse clicks! Z-Scan2Send can create PDF and TIFF files, optionally with ZIP compression and/or encryption. PDF files can also be password-protected to prevent access from unauthorized persons.

The program can also send standardized e-mails: you can create an e-mail draft with predefined subject line, title, message and complimentary close, and optionally insert individual text when sending the e-mail.
Last updated on April 26th, 2014
Z-Scan2Send - Z-Scan2Send will help you quickly and easily send your scanned paper documents over the Internet with powerful toolsZ-Scan2Send - Users will be able to send their scanned documents over FTP servers from the Transfer files via FTP windowZ-Scan2Send - The Create ZIP file window will provide users with the opportunity the archive their files and then send them through E-mail or FTPZ-Scan2SendZ-Scan2SendZ-Scan2SendZ-Scan2SendZ-Scan2SendZ-Scan2SendZ-Scan2SendZ-Scan2Send