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Sublime Text plugin for HTML and CSS hi-speed coding by utilizing various abbreviations and write less without losing the essence

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Zen Coding for Sublime Text addresses a small crowd of users, preponderantly the ones that have Sublime Text as their default code editor.

First things first, though, Zen Coding represents an editor plugin that, if getting the hang of it really works for you, can speed up the process of coding in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), XML (Extensible Markup Language) or XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language).

This particularly potent abbreviation engine works similarly to HTML’s CSS selectors, enabling you to write, for example, just one line of code instead of ten. The modular structural nature of

Zen Coding allows for its abbreviations to expand into various languages such as CSS, HTML, XML / XSL or XAML through filters.

Zen Coding is available for many text editors that support plugins like Zend Studio, Eclipse, Aptana, Komodo, Notepad++, PSPad or Sublime Text. Zen Coding for Sublime Text is the plugin for this last specific source code editor. This certain piece of software support a wide array of programming languages and can also help you by syntax highlighting for as many languages as you can think of.

You can deploy Zen Coding for Sublime Text through Sublime Text’s package manager, the Package Control, that aids you in all the management-related plugin jobs. The improved workflow you get by utilizing Zen Coding for Sublime Text may vary, but there is a pretty big chance that it can really prove to be a major leap forward in the process.

To sum it all up, Zen Coding for Sublime Text is a plugin for those of you which already have a high level of knowledge towards programming in general and look for various ways to speed up their source code editing. As long as you already picked Sublime Text as the host and base of operations, then Zen Coding for Sublime Text can be just the thing you are looking for.

Zen Coding for Sublime Text was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 28th, 2013
Zen Coding for Sublime Text - Zen Coding for Sublime Text will provide users with a Sublime Text editor plugin for high-speed HTML, XML, XSL coding and editing