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An intuitive and user-friendly software utility that comes in handy when you want to quickly sort numerous words in alphabetical order

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People use computers for a large variety of tasks, ranging from watching movies, listening to music and playing games to browsing the web or working on various business reports.

Since these assignments come in many shapes and types, there is surely a situation where you might need to process a large amount of terms and sort them alphabetically.

While this can be easily achieved if each word is displayed on a separate line, things can get a little more complicated if they are all on one line - and this is where alpha234 can come in helpful.

Quickly sort numerous words alphabetically

The application can be run without any issues an all computers running a recent operating system released by Microsoft. Both beginners and experts can easily understand how to use the utility, without needing to analyze the graphic interface for too long.

Since alpha234 does not support opening text files, you need to paste or type the words within its main window, then sort them with only a single mouse click.

If you want to perform another process, you can press the dedicated button to clean the window of the existing text and paste a new batch of words.

Save alphabetically-sorted words to clipboard

In addition, alpha234 allows you to adjust the font size to your liking, be it large or small, depending on your necessities.

After the terms you pasted have been alphabetically sorted, you will need to manually select the entire text and copy it to clipboard, so as to paste it within another project of yours.

Moreover, you can also search for a specific word and replace it with another one of your choice, using the assigned hotkey.

Basic app for sorting words

All in all, alpha234 can come in handy to all users who are looking a quick way to sort numerous words alphabetically.

However, its limited feature-set might drive away some of its potential users, especially since one needs to copy the processed text and paste it to a separate file, as no dedicated export option exists.

alpha234 was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on April 15th, 2014
alpha234 - The main window of alpha234 enables you to quickly sort a list of words alphabetically

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