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An efficient application which can automatically build lookup tables between documents and find correspondences in source and target files

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docBird CrossReferencer is a reliable and intuitive software solution whose main function is to assist you in finding corresponding elements between two different documents, with the possibility of targeting even items that are not completely identical.

Simple and straight-forward user interface

Following a regular installation process, with no noteworthy events, you can launch the program and begin working with it, as it requires little to no knowledge with similar tools.

docBird CrossReferencer features a large main window and a hover menu on the left side, allowing you to access the same functions as the 'Home' screen of the application.

The utility's 'Home' section enables you to start a 'New Project', 'Open Existing Project' or adjust its functioning 'Preferences'.

Create and execute your tasks

In order to begin a new operation, you will need to input its 'Title' and optionally a description, then press on the 'Create' button to save the file to BDS format.

Subsequently, you will be able to define your 'Action Profile', then input the file path for the source and target documents, with the possibility of allowing docBird CrossReferencer to automatically detect formats; it supports TXT, CSV, XLS and XLSX files.

You can then define the 'Operation Statement', by customizing the 'Similarity Rules', 'Showed Fields', 'Comparison Level', as well as the 'Found Item Threshold', 'Undefined Threshold' and 'Best Found Item Ratio'. Finally, you can press the 'Execute Now' button and the application will run the comparison, providing you with a report which will inform you on the results, enabling you to export it to TXT.

Useful correspondence finder

docBird CrossReferencer proves quite handy for a variety of tasks, particularly those in which the references you need to compare are not exactly the same, due to misspelling or other causes. It allows you to perform such operation for clients' lists, product catalogs or other similar documents, with minimum effort.

docBird CrossReferencer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
docBird CrossReferencer - The main window of docBird CrossReferencer allows you to create a new project or open an existing onedocBird CrossReferencer - In the dedicated window, you can define the source and target files, as well as the operation statementdocBird CrossReferencer - The operation execution displays a progress bar, enabling you to estimate the duration of the processdocBird CrossReferencer - screenshot #4docBird CrossReferencer - screenshot #5