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An efficient and user-friendly application created to assist you in carrying out transcription tasks, enabling you to complete your job in less time

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easytranscript is a lightweight and quite comprehensive piece of software created to offer you the means of transcribing audio or video files to written form, enabling you to even insert timestamps for each line.

Clean and straightforward appearance

Subsequent to a rapid installation process, you can launch the application and get started with it right away, by setting up a new project or opening an existing one.

The wizard-style interface helps you configure your new project’s preferences, loading the source media file and choosing a destination folder, as well as some other details, after which you can begin working.

Swiftly transcribe various media files to written text

easytranscript can associate the audio or video file with the written document, being able to automatically create timestamps in your text, so you can instantly jump to a certain section, should you need to re-edit it. While audio files can be listened, videos can also be watched as you transcribe them.

The program features a ‘Tuner’ component that allows you to set the volume, the speed and the channels, whereas the dedicated slide helps you adjust the ‘Interval of Winding’. The player functions let you ‘Play / Pause’ the rendering of the media file, as well as jump to the next or the previous second.

You can insert multiple people into the transcription and assign each one a keyboard shortcut to save time when introducing them into the text. Moreover, easytranscript features the ability to track your working time, calculating your wage based on a predefined hourly or fixed price, so you can determine the fee you deserve.

A handy transcription instrument

To conclude, easytranscript is a useful and reliable utility that can help you perform transcription assignments, enabling you to process your media files more quickly, thanks to the numerous functions that simplify your task.

easytranscript was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 3rd, 2015
easytranscript - easytranscript comes with an integrated text editor that features advanced formatting options and tools.easytranscript - From the 'File' menu of easytranscript you can create a new transcript, save and export it to your computer.easytranscript - When creating a new transcript, the first step is to assign it a name and a saving location.easytranscript - screenshot #4easytranscript - screenshot #5easytranscript - screenshot #6easytranscript - screenshot #7easytranscript - screenshot #8easytranscript - screenshot #9easytranscript - screenshot #10easytranscript - screenshot #11easytranscript - screenshot #12easytranscript - screenshot #13easytranscript - screenshot #14

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