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A complex and reliable application designed to offer you the means of generating Man Hours vs Time and Cost vs Time S Curves and Histograms

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myPM SCG Pro is an advanced and effective software solution developed to offer you the means of creating Sigmoid Curve diagrams and histograms from XLS files containing your employees’ work schedule, enabling you to estimate more accurately the amount of work force that you require for a certain project.

Complex yet well-structured user interface

The program features a rather cluttered appearance, making use of tabs to split its various sections according to their functions, for instance ‘S Curve Files’, ‘Data Source Map’ or ‘S Curve Options’.

In the left-side panel, you can view the SCG definitions that you are currently working with and add new ones, delete or rename the existing files.

Load the source SCG files and generate the S Curves and histograms that you need

For starters, myPM SCG Pro requires you to open the SCG file that you intend to work with and select the preferred definition, then begin inputting the ‘Project Details’ and load the ‘S Curve Files’ along with the ‘S Curve Options’.

In the ‘S Curve Files’ section of the utility, you can adjust the ‘Data Source File Settings’ and the ‘Template File Settings’. In addition, you can choose a destination folder and filename for the generated document. The ‘S Curve Options’ tab helps you further configure the ‘Data Options’ and preview the S Curve diagram as well as the histogram.

When you are done customizing the program’s preferences, you can click on the ‘Process’ button and the tool will analyze the entered information, warning you if it encounters any errors so you can correct them. Afterward, your request is processed and within moments, an Excel files is generated, comprising the required data in multiple sheets.

A useful instrument for calculating the Sigmoid function

To conclude, myPM SCG Pro is a reliable and comprehensive application that can successfully assist you in generating histograms and S Curves based on various labor-related characteristics, allowing you to appreciate how your project will evolve over time.

myPM SCG Pro was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 12th, 2014
myPM SCG Pro - The main window of myPM SCG Pro allows you to load the file that you want to work withmyPM SCG Pro - In the S curve Files section, you can add the data source and template files, then configure their settingsmyPM SCG Pro - The S Curve Options tab enables you to set the preferred data options and preview the generated graphmyPM SCG Pro - screenshot #4myPM SCG Pro - screenshot #5myPM SCG Pro - screenshot #6myPM SCG Pro - screenshot #7myPM SCG Pro - screenshot #8myPM SCG Pro - screenshot #9myPM SCG Pro - screenshot #10myPM SCG Pro - screenshot #11

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