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An efficient and reliable Microsoft Excel addin which enables finance professionals to insert a wide range of functions into their spreadsheets

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tadXL is an efficient and reliable piece of software designed to function as an Excel addin which enables you to perform a wide range of financial calculations and insert the results in your workbooks, all with just a few button presses.

Manual installation of the addin

The installation of tadXL needs to be done manually as it does not feature an installer, so you will need to create a separate folder on your system, on whatever drive you prefer to install software in and place the XLL file in there.

Afterward, you can click on the ‘Microsoft Office’ button (or the ‘File’ section in MS 2013) in an open spreadsheet, access the ‘Options’ section and move to the ‘Add-in’ tab.

Next, you need to press ‘Go’ on the button next to the ‘Manage Excel Add-ins’ function; a small window will be displayed, allowing you to ‘Browse’ for tadXL through your computer and load it into Microsoft Excel. Finally, you can double-click the XLL file and enable it when prompted.

Working with tadXL’s components

In order to work with this addin, you need to press on the ‘Insert Function’ button in the main window of Excel, then select the ‘tadXL’ category of functions, choosing the one you want to calculate and inputting the necessary values, for instance ‘Cash Flows’, ‘Rate’, ‘Compounding’, ‘Period’, ‘Annuity Type’ and several more, depending on the option.

tadXL features a wide range of financial calculations, allowing you to determine the BCR (Benefit to Cost Ratio), DPPSchedule (Discounted Payback Period, with data Schedule), XIRR (Internal Rate of Return, with date Schedule), IncBCR (Incremental Benefit to Cost Ratio), PVIFGA (Present Value Growing Annuity Factor) and countless other values.

Advanced financial calculator for Excel

To conclude, tadXL is a complex and useful addin for Excel that helps you obtain the accurate results for an extensive array of financial values, but the difficulty in installing it coupled with the rather steep price might make less appealing.

NOTE: tadXL's versions can be purchased separately, each featuring a different price, in accordance with the number of functions they provide. As such, you can purchase tadXL 2.5 32-bit or tadXL 2.5 64-bit that feature 104 functions, tadXL 2.0 32-bit or tadXL 2.0 64-bit which offer 95 functions, tadXL 1.0 32-bit or tadXL 1.0 64-bit comprising 38 functions, tadXL 0.5 32-bit or tadXL 0.5 64-bit with 10 functions.

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Last updated on March 20th, 2014
tadXL - tadXL is a simple Microsoft Excel addin which enables you to insert a variety of financial functions into your workbookstadXL - For each function, you are supposed to input the arguments, for instance the rate, period, compounding or cash flows

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