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A reliable application that enables you to transfer any kind of printable file from your computer to another station or mobile device

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ACTPrinter Win is a multi-functional and intuitive application that enables you to “print” any kind of document onto another PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. The software can easily transfer printable documents to the specified device, just as it wound send them to the printer. Instead of printing them on paper, the software converts the files to PDF and transfers them to the indicated location.

ACTPrinter Win, the virtual printer

The software allows you to quickly transfer readable documents, pictures, emails, projects, schemas or other printable files onto a portable device and carry them with you wherever you go. The application works as a virtual printer, designed to help you save paper, ink and storage space for physical documents.

ACTPrinter Win can be installed on any computer that meets the requirements, as a printer driver. Thus, you may simply open the Print window in the desired application, select ACTPrinter Win from the devices list and transfer the file to the specified device. ACTPrinter Win requires to be installed on both the source station and the end device, in order to correctly operate the transfer.

Print/transfer via the wireless network

ACTPrinter Win requires that both the source and the end devices should be connected to the same wireless network, in order to be able to transfer the files without USB. The connection between the two devices is automatically made, if all the conditions are matched, thus the file transfer is quick and simple. However, if errors occur, you may manually add the end device, from the software’s main window.

The documents you send via ACTPrinter Win are automatically converted to PDF before the transfer. This precaution is taken in order to make sure the file can be opened and that no information is lost during the transfer. You may also load PDF files directly into ACTPrinter Win window and send it to the selected station/device.

Digital prints on your iPhone/iPad with a few clicks

ACTPrinter Win is an intuitive and useful software that enables you to save time, paper, ink and storage space. It allows you to transfer files to the desired device, by selecting the Print option right from the editing program, then choosing the ACTPrinter from the list of devices. The list of supported documents is large and features text files, spreadsheets, articles, images, emails, projects, reports and any other kind of printable file.

ACTPrinter Win was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 23rd, 2014
ACTPrinter Win - ACTPrinter Win is a simple to use application that enables you to "print" any kind of document to a removable device.ACTPrinter Win - The software enables you to send any document or file to the selected device, as if preparing it for printing, but converting it to PDF.ACTPrinter Win - Simply connect both devices, the source and the end device, to the same wireless network and send files as PDF.ACTPrinter WinACTPrinter Win