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Enables you to shrink the size of PDF files for different environments, including e-mailing, print jobs, smartphones and the web

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PDF Shrink is a useful software utility that helps you, as the name hints at, shrink Portable Document Formats, so that you can manage them easier.

The interface has a modern and straightforward design thus, enabling any type of user to work with this program without encountering issues. The main window includes the four available methods of shrinking items and shortcut buttons that enable quick access to the most important actions present.

The “Web” method creates the smallest documents, while the “Print” one produces the largest files with the best image quality. It is also possible to optimize PDFs for rapid e-mailing, and viewing on smartphones or other mobile devices.

The application incorporated batch conversion and the “drag and drop” feature, both of which greatly enhancing usability.

When the process begins, another window pops up and lets you view all the uploaded items and their status. Furthermore, completed jobs are shown, along with name, resize method, date and time, and shrunk percentage.

The program enables you to password-protect your files, as well as forbid other users to make changes to the document, extract content and print. Overwriting the original item is possible, as well as adding suffixes to filenames and editing descriptions.

To sum up, PDF Shrink is a handy piece of software that lets you reduce the size of PDF documents, access logs and protect sensitive information. CPU and memory usage is minimal and time response is good. During our tests, no crashes or bugs have occurred.

Apago PDF Shrink was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on November 19th, 2013
Apago PDF Shrink - The main window of Apago PDF Shrink. Choose the resize momde to be used from this screenApago PDF Shrink - Queue window of Apago PDF Shrink. Select the Job queue to startApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF ShrinkApago PDF Shrink