AutoBookmark Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 3.5

Automatically create and manage PDF bookmarks, links and destinations in Adobe Acrobat.
AutoBookmark Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat - You can use this dialog to define descriptions of the text that constitute bookmarks titles.
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Automatically create and manage PDF bookmarks, links and destinations in Adobe Acrobat. AutoBookmark plug-in for Adobe Acrobat automatically generates multi-level bookmarks from the text attributes such as font name, size, left indentation and content.

Use [Select Text] tool from Acrobats toolbar to quickly define bookmark levels from the examples. Apply text patterns (regular expressions) to use only a text that matches a specified pattern. Use user-defined stop words to exclude unwanted bookmark titles. Control bookmarks color, style and zoom type. 

With AutoBookmark plug-in for Adobe Acrobat you can customize bookmark titles by changing text case and adding optional prefix/suffix. Add leading numbers to the bookmarks by combining numbers, letters or roman numerals. Batch processing support provides a way to add bookmarks across multiple PDF documents at once.

Main features:

  • Automatic Link Generation:
  • Automatically add links to words and phrases using user-defined "link dictionaries". Link dictionary is a collection of search terms (such as words, phrases and etc.) and corresponding actions (such as "Go to a page view" or "Open a web page"). The software searches document for occurrences of specific search terms and generates links according to the user specifications. Link dictionaries can be created manually using a supplied editor, imported from an ASCII text file or generated from bookmarks. Click here to see screenshots: main dialog and link dictionary editor.
  • Editing Existing Link and Bookmark Actions:
  • Link and bookmark actions can be searched and replaced. Web page addresses (URLs) and external file references, named destination and JavaScript code - all can be searched for occurrence of specific text string and replaced with a user specified text. For example, you can easily change all hyperlinks to point from one web page to another URL or to change links to refer to a different file. This operation processes all links on all pages and all bookmarks in the input document.
  • Editing File and Web References:
  • The plug-in comes with a handy tool that displays all file and web references for a currently opened PDF document. File references and URLs can be directly edited by modifying link's text. No need to browse for files or click through multiple dialogs. The software displays absolute and relative paths using different icons, and automatically checks file references for missing files. This is a must-have time-saving tool for links inspection and editing.
  • Exporting Links to an ASCII Text File:
  • Existing links from one or more pages of the document can be exported to a comma-delimited ASCII text file. Links can be edited and imported back into the document if significant changes to the link attributes are required. For example, it can be used to change target file names, named destinations, web links or page numbers. Exported ASCII file can be used as a template to transfer links to another PDF documents. Click here for a description of the export file format.
  • Importing Links from an ASCII Text File:
  • ASCII text files (comma, tab, semicolon and space delimiters are supported) is an alternative way to add links to PDF documents. The easiest way to create such file is to export existing links to a text format, edit links attributes using any text editor (Notepad for example) and then import it into a target document. This method allows to repeat one or multi-page link template multiple times to add links to a large PDF document. Click here for a description of the import file format.
  • Creating Link Report:
  • The software creates a detailed report (click here see a sample of link report) on link usage within a PDF document. The report contains detailed statistics on link types, external files & URL dependencies, named destination references and link errors.
  • Working With Link Errors:
  • Link errors are common in PDF documents and present a certain challenge for detecting and fixing them. AutoBookmark plug-in helps in this process by automatically marking up all detected link errors with sticky text notes. Text notes are placed at the location of the invalid links (sample screenshot) and appear in the red color. Each note contains a text message that describe the nature of the link problem. You can work with text notes using excellent commenting tools that come with Adobe Acrobat. The plug-in also provides several convenient functions for navigating between pages that contain link errors. All error markup created by the plug-in can be easily removed with supplied "Remove Error Markup" menu. "Mark Up Link Errors" command is also available in the batch processing framework making easier to find and mark up errors in many PDF documents at once.
  • Changing Links Visual Appearance:
  • Easily modify visual appearance of the links on one or more pages. Change border attributes such as visibility, style, color and line thickness as well as modify the way links are highlighted.
  • Converting Links to Use Named Destinations:
  • Convert link actions to use "named" destinations instead of direct references to a page. Destinations are automatically generated from existing links. Named destinations enable you to set navigation paths across a collection of PDF documents. Linking to a destination is recommended when linking across documents because unlike a link to a page, a link to a destination is not affected by the addition or deletion of pages within the target document. Named destinations can be also shared between multiple links or bookmarks within a document. For example, instead of using a direct link to page 10, a link will point to the named destination "Chapter 1" . You will be able to link to this location using a human-readable name instead of a page number.
  • Changing Links Zoom Type:
  • Change zoom type for all links in the document to one of the following: "Fit Page", "Fit Width", "Fit Visible", "Inherit Zoom", "Actual Size", "Custom View" or "Custom Zoom". This operation only affects links with "Go to a page in this document" action.
  • Changing Linked Documents Open Preference:
  • Change the way Adobe Acrobat opens linked documents without manually editing every link in the PDF documents. The plug-in provides functionality to change open window preference for all links (within selected page range) to one of the following: "Window open by user preference", "New Window" and "Existing Window".
  • Deleting Links:
  • Delete all links from one or more pages of a document. All link types are processed.

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AutoBookmark Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat

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4 Screenshots
AutoBookmark Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat - AutoBookmark Plug-in allows you to select a combination of the following text attributes to automatically generate bookmarks.AutoBookmark Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat - This is the Text Location section of AutoBookmark Plug-in, where you can change the text location.AutoBookmark Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat - From this section of the AutoBookmark Plug-in you can select the text properties that will be applied to the new bookmark titles.

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