AutoMailMerge Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 2.0

Create, Secure and Email PDF Documents from data sources
AutoMailMerge Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat is a mail merge solution for Adobe Acrobat Professional. Use this plug-in to create, secure and email PDF documents from a single PDF form and a structured data source such as database, spreadsheet, XML or text file.

This technique is used to create personalized letters, documents, bills and pre-addressed envelopes or mailing labels for mass mailings (or document creation) from a database of names and addresses. You use mail merge when you want to create a set of documents that are essentially the same but where each document contains unique elements.

Creating each letter, message, bill, statement, fax, label, envelope, or coupon individually would take hours. That's where mail merge comes in. Using mail merge, all you have to do is create one PDF document that contains the information that is the same in each version. Then you just add some fillable form fields for the information that is unique to each version.

Main features:

  • Create Multiple PDF Documents:
  • Create multiple PDF documents by filling a single PDF form with data from variety of data sources such as comma and tab-delimited ASCII text files, XML documents, MS Access database, spreadsheets and any ODBC-compliant database such as MS SQL Server or Oracle. The software allows you to define correspondence between data source fields and PDF form fields.
  • Create Single Output PDF Document:
  • The plug-in provides an option to generate a single compound document that will contain all filled PDF forms. The compound document can be created in addition or in place of separate PDF documents per single data record. Generating just a single PDF file is significantly faster than creating a separate file for each data record.
  • Data Selection:
  • Select all or just few individual data records to run a mail merge operation on. Advance users may use SQL selection capabilities to select a desired subset of records out of a large database or table. The plug-in provides a simple SQL expression builder and easy-to-use interface for creating and maintaining a library of frequently used queries.
  • Fill PDF Forms:
  • Fill PDF form fields with data from a single or multiple data fields. Data from multiple data source fields can be combine with custom static text to fill a single PDF form field. This functionality provides an important flexibility when filling existing PDF forms that cannot be modified to accommodate a particular data source structure. Most PDF form fields can be populated: checkboxes, radio-buttons, text fields, combo and list boxes and etc.
  • Secure Output Documents:
  • You can limit access to output PDF files by setting passwords ("Open file" and "Permissions" passwords) and by restricting certain features, such as printing and editing. The plug-in provides a unique ability to use either the same password for all output documents or assign an individual password for every output file. Passwords for each document can be read from a corresponding data record.
  • Custom File Naming:
  • Create human readable and highly customized file names for output files by combining multiple field values with a static text. This functionality allows creation of file names such as "Account - 34565672.pdf" or "John A Doe.pdf".
  • Flatten Form Fields:
  • Optionally flatten form fields in output PDF files to reduce file size and make document content permanent.
  • Make Form Fields Read-Only:
  • The plug-in provides an option to make all form fields in output documents read-only. Users will not be able to directly modify field values or click on any buttons. Text fields will appear as regular text without any borders or input areas. This operation is different from form flattening (although similar in visual appearance), because it preserves form fields in the PDF documents.
  • Export Data to FDF Files:
  • Optionally save a copy of the form data in FDF (Acrobat Forms Data Format) files. FDF is a text file format used for data exported from PDF form fields; it is smaller than PDF file, because it only contains form field data, not the entire form.
  • Print Output Files:
  • Automatically print each output document to a default printer.
  • E-mail Output Documents:
  • The plug-in allows e-mailing of output PDF documents to recipients using e-mail addresses stored in the data records. Email message text can be customized using data field values. PDF files are send as attachments. The software offers two different ways of sending e-mails: using your existing MAPI-enabled email application (such as MS Outlook Express) or via Internet mail server (SMTP). First approach is suitable for a small number of messages and allows to review each outgoing message. This approach is highly secure, but is not practical for sending out a large number of emails. SMTP Internet server provides an unattended way of sending e-mails.
  • Supported Data Sources:
  • The software provides support for the following data source types
  • Tab-delimited ASCII text file (*.txt)
  • Comma-separated ASCII text file (*.csv)
  • Microsoft Access Database (*.mdb)
  • Microsoft Access 2007 Database (*.accdb)
  • Microsoft Excel Worksheet (*.xls)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheet (*.xlsx, *.xlsb, *.xlsm)
  • dBase 5 Table (*.dbf)
  • Paradox Table (*.db)
  • XML Document (*.xml)
  • ODBC Data Source File (*.dsn)
  • Any ODBC Data Source (via ODBC drivers)
  • Advanced Options:
  • The plug-in provides ability to execute a custom Acrobat JavaScript code before and after generation of each PDF document (for extra customization). Use this option to change or merge content of the form fields or to create new composite fields. Another typical use of this feature is to make certain form fields "read-only".
  • Save Settings:
  • Save and load mail merge settings to/from settings file for reuse.
  • Batch Processing Support:
  • Users of Adobe Acrobat Professional (for versions 6, 7, and 8) and Adobe Acrobat 5.x can use batch processing framework to automate a mail merging operation. The plug-in adds "Mail Merge" command to the Acrobat's batch processing framework.
  • Supported Form Types:
  • The current version of the plug-in supports static PDF forms created using either "Tools > Forms" menu or using Adobe LiveCycle Designer. Dynamic XML forms (introduced in Acrobat 7) are not currently supported. The plug-in provides advanced scripting capabilities that allow hiding or modifying form content and therefore offering functionality that is similar to dynamic forms. Support for dynamic XML forms will be added in future versions of the software.

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