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A lightweight, yet powerful application that allows you to convert PDF files to HTML pages, complete with images, graphs and drawings

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Not all web browsers have built-in extensions, which allow them to open certain images, images, videos or other multimedia files. When handling documents, the PDF format stands above all other because of its portability. Unfortunately, in order to open a PDF file in your web browser, you need extensions that can do so.

Alternately, you can use BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter, a standalone software solution that helps you convert your PDF files to HTML pages with ease. In order to properly work, the application requires Internet Explorer installed on your computer.

Intuitive and easy to use document converter with clean GUI layout

The program can help you overcome the problem of opening PDF files without Adobe Reader or other similar application, as it allows you to convert your documents to HTML pages. This has a multitude of uses, as you can convert certain documents to fully-fledged HTML pages.

For instance, instead of uploading a PDF file to a website, you could simply convert it to HTML and upload it to your webpage, so that amy browser will be able to read it.

Dependable and robust PDF converter offering document transformation tools

BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter can help you manipulate your PDFs with ease, by converting them to DOC files. By doing so, you will be able to easily edit a DOC’s content, then quickly convert it back to PDF.

Additionally, you can select how other PDF objects, such as images or drawings interact with your HTML page. For instance, embedding an image into your HTML source code can help you avoid having a lot of images converted outside your webpage.

A reliable and comprehensive PDF conversion tool

BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter provides you with a sturdy environment for PDF conversion, as you can easily turn any document to a fully-fledged HTML page in a couple of seconds.

BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 24th, 2014
BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter - BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter allows you to easily turn a PDF file into a fully-fledged HTML page.BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter - From the Tools menu, you can perform additional PDF conversions, such as conversion to DOC.BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter - By accessing the Options window, you are able to change the folder that stores your output files.BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter - screenshot #4BlueFox Free PDF to HTML Converter - screenshot #5