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A useful software solution that was especially created in order to provide users with a means of analyzing up close PDF documents

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The most commonly used types of files, be them documents, multimedia content or other formats, each have at least one specialized utility that can be used to view or modify them. PDF files, for instance are well-known and widespread, so there is a multitude of solutions for handling them.

Estel PDF Structure Viewer is one application that is a bit more special because it provides not only the regular view of the document, but also a different perspective that goes more in-depth.

Tabbed interface for analyzing the data inside a PDF

This program can be installed very easily and it will only need Adobe Reader because it doesn't have a rendering engine of its own to display the file properly.

Inside the main window of Estel PDF Structure Viewer users will be able to access 3 different tabs, each corresponding to a specific section. Also, since the main function of the software is that of viewer, there are no configurations to take care of.

Built-in hexadecimal and text viewers, with XREF table

Operating this tool is quite easy actually, mainly because all the user has to do is pick a Portable Document Format file and open it in order to view all the elements that are built into that PDF.

There is a reference document included in the package and it contains the specifications of this format. This paper describes in detail every element that can be used to create a PDF file, so it can be a very good learning base for anyone interested in finding out more about this type of documents.

Inside the 'Objects' tab are presented all the elements of the loaded document and Estel PDF Structure Viewer provides a hex view, as well as a textual one, with automatic highlighting. The objects are grouped neatly inside a reference table, so the relations between them are visible.

A valuable PDF analysis utility

To sum things up, this application is definitely created for professionals and advanced users, as it exposes the intricacies of the PDF file type in detail. The content presented inside Estel PDF Structure Viewer is thus relevant only for those who need to access low-level objects inside PDF documents.

Estel PDF Structure Viewer was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
Estel PDF Structure Viewer - This is the main window of Estel PDF Structure Viewer that allows you to load the PDF files and analyze their structure.Estel PDF Structure Viewer - Inside Estel PDF Structure Viewer is is also possible to view the contents of the selected document.