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A lightweight and straightforward application that helps you easily extract any attachments found in your PDF files, such as images

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PDF files are great when it comes to data portability, as you can attach other files to such document, in order to bundle the textual content with helpful images or other multimedia content.

Extract Attachments From PDF Files Software is a handy piece of software that can grab these attached files and save them individually. This can be useful when trying to reduce document size or use the extracted content with other files.

Lightweight PDF processing tool

The application allows you to extract the contents of your PDF files, which can be attached images, audio and video streams or other documents. By doing so, you are able to view each one individually or share them with ease.

Furthermore, the extracted files can be used in your own projects, or shared with others through means of email sending or file transfer.

Straightforward PDF attachment extractor

Extract Attachments From PDF Files Software can help you grab certain files that have been bundled together with PDFs, by saving them in an output folder of your choice. Attachment extraction can be used as an alternative when in need to partially check the contents of a PDF, without having Adobe Reader or any other similar program installed.

For instance, you are able to extract the attachments of you PDF files without having to open them with a dedicated application, such as Adobe Reader. Although PDF readers can be easily installed from the Internet, computers lacking such a connection cannot download their installers.


To draw a conclusion, Extract Attachments From PDF Files Software provides you with simple means of grabbing any files attached to a PDF file, then save them to a desired folder. As an improvement, the application could contain a preview window of all the attachments contained by a PDF, so that you extract only those you need.

Extract Attachments From PDF Files Software was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
Extract Attachments From PDF Files Software - Extract Attachments From PDF Files Software helps you grab any additional files from your PDFs.