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A splitting and joining tool for you to use in any environment, at work or at home, especially designed to work with PDF and TIFF documents

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FaxTool is designed to be a lightweight and practical helper when it comes to sending fax messages. For fax transfers, PDF and TIFF formats are predominantly used and it sometimes it’s a bother to send multiple files, one after the other.

To avoid this FaxTool provides you with a very simple and practical solution for merging and splitting both single and multiple PDF and TIFF files. The application uses the AutoHotkey wrapping interface along with other command line tools that perform the actual stitching and splitting.

Splitting PDF and TIFF files, is done by dragging them over the window of the application.

To merge files, you perform the same action only you need to drop them all at the same time. The application has no settings or controls that enable to load the files one at a time.

The merged document is exported in the same place where the original files are located and takes the name of the first one that is added. The same process is applied when splitting a document, each page being exported in the source folder.

FaxTool is designed to always remain on top of other applications and that’s a smart move since it is fairly small in size and you don’t want to go around closing other windows to find it.

In closing, FaxTool is indeed a practical and fast PDF and TIFF split/merge tool that you can easily use both at home and at the office.

FaxTool was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 14th, 2013
FaxTool - The main window of FaxTool enables you to select the file that you want to split or merge.

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