Free Webpage to PDF Converter1.0.0

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Use this simple and straightforward application to obtain Portable Document Format files out of HTML files, or even grab it directly from a user-defined URL

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Free Webpage to PDF Converter is a useful piece of software developed to offer you a time-efficient method of grabbing web pages from a HTML file or a URL address and saving them to PDF format on your computer.

Basic yet functional appearance

The user interface of the application is far from impressive, featuring a number of common characteristics that make it look less than original.

However, this simplicity makes Free Webpage to PDF Converter fairly appealing for novices, as it offers you a no-fuss means of turning URLs into PDFs.

Load the source HTML files or the targeted URL and swiftly export your PDFs

The program is capable of converting HTML or HTM format files, allowing you to load multiple items simultaneously and process them all in one go. In addition, it can work with web pages from manually input URL address, on condition that a working Internet connection is available.

Before exporting the PDF files, you have the possibility of choosing a destination folder but not a name, as it is automatically saved with the same title as the source document. However, make sure you do not choose a folder where a file with the same name already exists, as it might cause Free Webpage to PDF Converter to fail processing it.

Unfortunately, the output location represents the full extent of user customization that is supported by the utility, as there is nothing else for you to tinker with, such as layout options or other similar adjustable preferences.

A handy instrument for turning HTML files or URLs to PDF

To summarize, Free Webpage to PDF Converter is a useful tool albeit rather limited in terms of functionality, targeted mainly at beginners or people with basic conversion needs, since it provides you with a very ‘point and shoot’ kind of operation.

Free Webpage to PDF Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
Free Webpage to PDF Converter - Free Webpage to PDF Converter is a handy application that enables you to turn HTML files to Portable Document FormatFree Webpage to PDF Converter - The program is also capable of grabbing the webpage from an input URL and convert it to PDF