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A nifty utility for Adobe Acrobat that can convert the font available in a PDF file into outlines in order to achieve a smaller file size and better editing options

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IntelliPDF CURVES is a tool designed to convert into outlines the fonts available in a PDF file. It is a plug-in created for Adobe Acrobat that integrates seamlessly into the suite.

It goes without saying that installing the utility depends entirely on the availability of Adobe Acrobat on the system. The entire process is completed fast and with little intervention from the user.

Seamless integration in Adobe Acrobat

The interface of the plug-in is simple and straightforward. Immediately after loading the PDF file the fonts embedded in the text are automatically identified.

Furthermore, each entry is accompanied by various information, such as the type of the font, encoding, how it is embedded in the document and how many pages include it.

There is the possibility to view information for the font that has been selected in the document as well as for the ones that have been checked in the upper part of the application window.

Control the quality of the conversion

As far as the conversion options are concerned IntelliPDF CURVES can process the font on specific pages or a user-defined section. Moreover, the application offers settings that touch on the quality of the output result, on a scale from one to ten.

These values have an impact on the size of the resulting file; also, there is a preview area that shows what the letters look like after making all the settings.

Additional options available in the tool refer to keeping the bookmarks and annotations from the original PDF and disabling the creation of a copy of the original document.

Easy to use conversion tool for font in PDF files

Among the advantages of IntelliPDF CURVES there is increased editing flexibility and protection from issues relating to font copyright. On the same note, the size of the resulting file is only a fraction from the original one and working with the tool does not require too much effort from the user.

IntelliPDF CURVES was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 24th, 2014
IntelliPDF CURVES - The tool detects all the fonts available in the loaded document and provides various details about each of themIntelliPDF CURVES - The conversion options include the possibility to define the quality of the resulting file and the pages that need to be processedIntelliPDF CURVES - The plug-in offers a full-blown color palette for setting the tone for highlighting the font