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A reliable and easy to use tool that enables you to easily convert batches of PDFs to Word documents, Excel workbooks or PowerPoint presentations

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Lighten PDF Converter is a lightweight and simple to use application that enables you to transform read-only documents, such as PDFs to editable files, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, as well as CSV or image formats. The software supports batch conversion, allowing you to save much time.

Reliable tool for PDF conversion

Lighten PDF Converter can easily process multiple PDFs at the same time and turn them into editable files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, CSV, TXT or JPG files. The software can display the list of documents, as well as a full preview of each file, thanks to the integrated PDF reader.

With Lighten PDF Converter, you may manage even those documents that feature copying or printing restrictions, since the software can extract the content from the PDF and paste it to a different format file.

Select additional output options

Several output formats require additional settings, such as JPG, TXT, CSV or XLSX. In case you convert the PDFs to images, you may select to extract only the images from the input files, then resize each picture in order to fit the page format.

Moreover, if you decide to turn PDFs to Excel workbooks, or CSV files, you need to mention if you wish to paste the entire contents of a file to a single sheet or separate it according to the page division. You may preserve exclusively the data contained in the PDFs or maintain the original formatting.

Easily edit PDF contents

Lighten PDF Converter cannot support turning scanned PDFs to editable content files, since it does not feature the OCR technology. However, if such a file should be detected amongst the input documents, the software automatically converts it to JPG format. The software enables you to draw table areas in the reader area, in order to highlight or preserve certain formatting particularities.

The software allows you to save time by converting all the documents simultaneously, instead of processing them individually. Moreover, it can preserve quality, data fields or page formatting and maintain the portrait/landscape orientation of the page.

Lighten PDF Converter was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on October 2nd, 2014
Lighten PDF Converter - Lighten PDF Converter is a simple to use tool that can transform read-only documents, such as PDF to editable files.Lighten PDF Converter - The software supports converting files to Word documents, RTF, Excel Workbooks, PowerPoint presentations or images.Lighten PDF Converter - In case you wish to convert PDFs to Excel format, you may choose to transfer all the data to one or multiple sheets.