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A useful and reliable application created to help you automate PDF processing operations, helping you execute multiple tasks with just one button press

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MST PDF Factory is a comprehensive and efficient software solution developed to provide you with a simple method of creating and editing Portable Document Format files, enabling you to automatically execute multiple tasks in a queue.

Simple yet rather opaque appearance

Subsequent to a very brief installation operation, with no noteworthy events, you can launch the program and begin working with it immediately.

Basic as its interface might be, MST PDF Factory does require some knowledge and experience with automation tools and command line arguments, as it depends on these to function, which means complete novices will have a hard time getting the hang of it, particularly since it does not provide much help documentation.

Create your PDF automated processing project and run it as needed

MST PDF Factory allows you to add new tasks to your project by right-clicking in the main window and selecting the ‘Add Node’ option. The dedicated window that appears enables you to choose from a drop down menu, the type of job you intend to execute, for instance ‘PDF Creator’, ‘PDF Watermark’, ‘PDF MetaData Editor’ or ‘Other’.

The nodes can be given a particular name, aligning them one after the other, similar to building a mind map, after which you can connect them with a ‘Link’ to determine the order in which the tasks should be performed.

Once complete, you can press the ‘Start Document Monitor’, allowing MST PDF Factory to begin going through all the configured steps, outputting the results to the previously defined location. The project can be saved to a MSTRV format file and run whenever you need it.

A handy PDF processing automation tool

To summarize, MST PDF Factory proves to be a useful and reliable application that can successfully assist you in automating PDF editing, watermarking and encryption operations, enabling you to determine all the steps your files need to go through, before being exported to a specified folder.

MST PDF Factory was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
MST PDF Factory - MST PDF Factory is a handy program that enables you to automate various PDF processing operationsMST PDF Factory - Each task can be added as a node, enabling you to define the source file, the watermark job and the output locationMST PDF Factory - When adding a new node, you can give it a title and the command line argument for that particular task