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A comprehensive application designed to help you encrypt your PDFs, thus password protecting your documents against unwanted access

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AWinware PDF Encryption is a reliable encoding instrument that enables you to password protect your documents against unauthorised access, printing or modification. It supports single or batch file processing and allows you to set different passwords, in order to restrict certain permissions.

File protection

AWinware PDF Encryption can protect your document against access, high quality or low quality printing, content copying and content modification. Additionally, you may block users from adding annotations, form filling, assembling the document or copying content for accessibility. For further protection, the software prompts you to set different passwords, according to the desired level of encryption.

Thus, you can set the user password, required for opening the PDF, or the owner password, needed in order to modify the file. Printing, copying and form filling are blocked, when selecting the latter encryption option.

Encryption levels

The application offers several types of protection, that you can select depending on the version of Acrobat reader that you use to open your files. Thus, you can choose the RC4 type, with 40-bit of 128-bit encryption rate, for versions 3.x or higher and the 128-bit AES encoding, which is suitable for Acrobat 7.x or higher.

Customizable options

The software can process single files or batch documents, with one or multiple pages. The encryption regime applies to the entire document, regardless of its size. You may choose to update the PDF creator or producer, in the files’ metadata, after the encryption, or to skip already encoded files from being imported.

AWinware PDF Encryption can also batch rename the output files, just before saving them to the destination folder. The renaming involves adding a prefix and/or a suffix to the original file name. This is meant to be a security measure against mistaking documents or losing track of their identity and location.


AWinware PDF Encryption is designed to assure the protection of your intellectual property in PDFs, by applying one of the several supported levels of encoding. Additionally, it is an important time saver, since it automatizes the encryption process and handles batch file encoding.

AWinware PDF Encryption was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
AWinware PDF Encryption - AWinware PDF Encryption is a document encoding software designed to protect your files from unwanted users.AWinware PDF Encryption - The application allows you to import individual files or upload an entire folder for batch encryption.AWinware PDF Encryption - You can choose to automatically rename the output files or to update the metadata of the PDF creator and producer.

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