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A fast and reliable virtual printer application that can seamlessly create PDFs from any document or file that supports printing

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Most documents need special programs in order to open them, which can be a problem when moving them to another computer or sending them via email, because the recipient user or device might not have the required tools to open that certain file. This can be avoided by converting your files to a well-known format, such as PDF.

soft eXpansion Perfect PDF Master can help you achieve this. The application acts as a virtual printer, allowing you to generate PDFs from any files that support printing.

Fast file conversion

The program installs as a virtual printer, allowing you to create PDFs from practically any file that can be printed. Because it is a standalone application, it does not require Adobe Reader to be able to run, although it is recommended to install it in order to properly check your output files.

Furthermore, you can set various details for your PDF file, such as the title, subject, author and keywords.

Advanced document options

soft eXpansion Perfect PDF Master helps you further improve your PDF, by allowing you to set the format version. In addition, any images that your file might contain are compressed or downsampled, in order to keep a balance between quality and size. You can even set a thumbnail for your PDF, which can help faster recognize it in a folder.

Additionally, you can embed the font of your original file to your PDF, thus maintaining originality.

One of the defining features of this application is the fact that you can secure your PDF files by encrypting them with password protection. This way, only certain people will have access to your private documents.

A reliable PDF virtual printer

soft eXpansion Perfect PDF Master helps you generate advanced PDF files from any printable file, giving your documents a more professional look. You can also secure your files in order to maintain data privacy.

soft eXpansion Perfect PDF Master was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on April 4th, 2014
soft eXpansion Perfect PDF Master - The application works as a virtual printer that allows you to create PDFs from any printable files.soft eXpansion Perfect PDF Master - From the Document section, you can add a title, subject, author and keywords to your PDF.soft eXpansion Perfect PDF Master - By accessing the File section, you can choose the PDF format version, along with other image settings, such as downsampling.