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With this simple and user-friendly application, you can significantly reduce the time it takes you to prepare your PDF files for printing

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Pyxis Imposed is a professional and reliable software solution created to serve in preparing your Portable Document Format files for printing, by allowing you to define the layout and numbering of the pages.

Clean and intuitive looks

Following a fairly brief and uneventful installation process, you can launch the program and get started with it right away, its user-friendly interface making it quite accessible for anyone, regardless of the level of previous experience.

The main window of Pyxis Imposed enables you to load the PDF file you intend to work with, displaying its contents in a preview window; from the dedicated menu, you can choose the measurement unit you prefer as either MM or INCH.

Prepare your PDFs for printing by arranging the pages to your liking

Once you have loaded your document into the application, you can choose the ‘Output Sheet Size’ from several predefined dimensions. You can also customize its ‘Roll Width’, the default value being 1,300.

Moreover, you can activate ‘Bleed’ and opt between ‘Standard’ or ‘Border’ marks, entering the required value for each one and previewing it before actually applying it to the file. Pyxis Imposed also lets you crop the document on all four margins by a user-defined amount of pixels.

Depending on the mode you want to use (‘Number’, ‘Impose’, ‘Proof’ or ‘Booklet’), you can adjust the page range and the ‘Number Settings’ (’Start Number’, ‘Quantity Required’, ‘Numeral Width’, ‘Leading Text’), as well as the ‘Number Position and Style’. When you are satisfied with your configuration, you can click the ‘Impose Artwork’ button and the finalized file will open in your default software.

A handy PDF print arranger

In conclusion, Pyxis Imposed is a useful and efficient utility that you can rely on for getting your PDF files ready for printing by customizing their numbering and layout, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.

Pyxis Imposed was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 2nd, 2014
Pyxis Imposed - Pyxis Imposed is a handy tool that enables you to decide the layout of PDF files you intend to print