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An easy-to-use and simple software utility that enables you to manipulate your PDF files by merging, protecting or splitting them

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UnityPDF is a lightweight and straight-forward software solution designed to provide you with an easy means of working with your PDF files however you might need, without too much effort.

Following an uneventful installation process, you can launch the program and begin working with it with right away, as it requires no additional knowledge in handling PDFs.

The plain interface makes it very approachable even by the least experienced, while the various available actions can be easily accessed from its menus.

After adding the files that you want to handle, you can select which operation you wish to perform from the 'Actions' menu, so you can either merge two or more PDFs, split files with multiple pages, divide them by a specified number of parts or using an approximate maximum size.

Moreover, UnityPDF allows you to extract a particular pages from the document, by inputting the start and finish page number. Similarly, you can insert a PDF file before or after a specified page; other options include before the first page or after the last one.

Additionally, UnityPDF offers you a variety of document protection features, so you can prevent other users from printing or modifying the PDF's contents. You can also forbid the file's assembly or copying, and you can block page extraction or annotations, even filling forms, by setting up two different keys: 'User Password' and 'Owner Password'. The application can also show a PDF's metadata, providing you with the option to clean or remove it from the contents of the file.

Judging by the numerous useful features and functions that UnityPDF offers you, this tool proves to be quite handy and reliable, making your job easier and saving you significant amounts of time.

UnityPDF was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 6th, 2015
UnityPDF - UnityPDF enables you to create a list of PDF files by dragging and dropping them in the main windowUnityPDF - By accessing the Manage list menu, you can reorder PDF files by moving them up or down the listUnityPDF - From the Actions menu, you can merge, split or protect PDF files, as well as extract, insert and rotate pagesUnityPDF - The Multi-parts options window allows you to split your PDF file into a certain number of partsUnityPDF - When working with large PDF files, you can extract certain pages that you want to save or printUnityPDFUnityPDFUnityPDF

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