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A comprehensive application that comes in handy when converting PDF to text, image, Excel or HTML files, thanks to its decryption and OCR functions

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deskUNPDF Converter is a reliable software, capable of decrypting PDFs and saving them as text, image, HTML or XML files. It features advanced conversion tools and thus is able to provide you high quality output documents.

PDF to Office

For Microsoft Office users, the application is useful because it can convert PDF to Word and Excel while preserving font style, size, colors or layout, as well as reading quality.

You can easily convert PDF reports to Excel sheets, while maintaining the level of accuracy as well as preventing omissions and errors from occurring.

New Images

The application supports multiple output image formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG and TIF. You set the layout of the resulting picture by selecting which pages to convert, adjust margins and opt whether or not to import metadata.

Image DPI can be set to any level between a minimum of 150 for reading on the screen, and a maximum of 600, suitable for high quality printing. You can include lines or vectors and adjust the level of rasterization before converting.

Structured PDFs can also be converted to XML files and HTML documents, that can easily be shared and opened in the Internet browsers.

OCR technology integrated

The program uses the Optical Character Recognition technology for accurate text extraction, which allows you to convert even multi pages PDFs and obtain result without loss of text or errors.

Scanner functions

deskUNPDF Converter can also work as a scanner software, meaning it can process scanner captures and save them as PDFs. You can set the paper size as well as scan multiple files and include them in a single PDF. It can manage both portrait land-scape files, due to it’s rotation function, that allows you to edit the canvas’s position.

Making your work easier

The program supports PDF batch conversion, which is particularly helpful when you must handle several documents in a short time. It can automatize the conversion process and notify you when it is finished. Moreover, you can operate deskUNPDF Converter through its command line interface.


deskUNPDF Converter is an important tool for your business, especially when you must deal with many files that need modifying. The application can help you convert PDFs to editable formats as well as quickly extract structured data or create HTML files.

deskUNPDF Converter was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 8th, 2014
deskUNPDF Converter - deskUNPDF Converter is a reliable instrument that allows you to view and decrypt PDFs and turn them to text or image files.deskUNPDF Converter - When converting PDFs to text files, you can select the page format, font type and size as well as configure OCR options.deskUNPDF Converter - When converting a PDF to another format you can choose to include lines or vectors and set the level of rasterization.deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #4deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #5deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #6deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #7deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #8deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #9deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #10deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #11deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #12deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #13deskUNPDF Converter - screenshot #14