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A text and source code editor with syntax highlighting that can also functions as a file viewer, enabling you to perform a variety of tasks within a single interface

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Notepad is a powerful text editor due to its ease of use and flexibility, although it has gotten old, being surpassed by similar modern tools, which can help you arrange your text easier or highlight syntax for source code files. Based on this premises, Atom is a versatile piece of software that can help you edit your texts and documents, although it can do more, such as file viewing and handling.

Powerful text editor

The application mainly presents itself as a modern-looking text editor, with a well structured layout for navigation panels and separate tabs for each opened file. You can open and edit all sorts of files not only those that contain text. For instance, you can preview images or easily edit source code, as the program supports syntax highlight for several programming languages.

Although some files cannot be played or previewed, Atom will still attempt to open their text content, offering you some information about the file.

Flexible text and file handling tool with advanced features

While being used in normal mode, the application can help you edit text and source code scripts, or view and manage your other files. Switching to developer mode allows you to edit the application and further improve it, by adding or modifying features.

This is a highly useful feature, because it allows any user to shape and model Atom to fit their needs, by altering its source code and creating new modules that improve the core functionality of the application.


To sum it up, Atom offers you more than a text editor, as it can help you manage your files or view their content. It also comes as an ideal tool for developers and programmers, as it provides them with a quick and customizable way to edit their code scripts and source files.

Atom was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 26th, 2015
Atom - Atom allows you to edit documents, as well as view and modify the contents of most files on your computerAtom - From the File menu, you can open certain files or folders, along with key maps, snippets and stylesheetsAtom - By accessing the Edit menu, you can toggle comments, copy file paths or duplicate text linesAtom - screenshot #4Atom - screenshot #5Atom - screenshot #6Atom - screenshot #7Atom - screenshot #8Atom - screenshot #9Atom - screenshot #10Atom - screenshot #11

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