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A simple and straightforward application that enables you to add and edit plain text in a clean environment, as well as password protect the contents

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Word processors are a good solution if you are attempting to write slightly more complicated things, such as essays, short stories, or anything that contains images or any other kind of attachments.

For regular everyday scribbles though, you can make do with a simple text editor that enables you perform superficial operations like copy, paste and find.

Remove any distraction from your screen

You cannot get simpler than MemoPad when it comes to text editors, especially interface-wise. When you first open the application, you are greeted by an almost all-white window and a blinking cursor that awaits your input in the usual top-left corner.

All you are required to do is enter the desired text, whether by manually typing it on your keyboard, or by simply copy-pasting it from an external source. You should pay attention if you are planning on pasting large amounts of text though, since the application only keeps track of new line arguments that it encounters to create new paragraphs, so it cannot practically margin the text using its own window borders.

Search the text and password-protect your content

As with any text editor, MemoPad comes with the ability to search the text for any matching word or phrase that you may want to find. The function can be accessed by using the Ctrl-F keyboard shortcut, or by accessing the right-click menu inside the application.

If you are wary about unauthorized access to your data while you are not at the computer, you can easily create a password to protect your work. That way, when someone tries to open the editor, they are required to enter the password in order to view and edit the text. The password can be maximum twelve characters long and it can contain special symbols as well.


Overall, MemoPad is a lightweight and very easy-to-use application that brings all the benefits of a basic text editor encompassed in a compact and simple package. Although you cannot export the text on your computer, the contents are saved automatically every time you close the utility. The character count function is also very useful to check if your work meets length requirements.

MemoPad was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 21st, 2014
MemoPad - You can add and edit text in the main window of the application, as well as view the total number of characters.MemoPad - The program enables you to add password protection to your currently opened text contents.MemoPad - You can search throughout the text for any word or phrase that you may want to find.

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