English 2 Gujarati Character Convertor

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Translation service for English words into Gujarati characters, and vice versa, backed up by a user-friendly interface and a few options

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English 2 Gujarati Character Convertor represents a translation service from the English language to Gujarati, and vice versa. It is quite simple to work with, even by novices, as it doesn't integrate complex customization preferences.

The interface consists of a single panel divided into two main areas, dedicated to English and Gujarati documents, respectively. So, you can write text or paste it from the Clipboard, and view its translation as you type.

The left and right sides of the primary panel contain the main and extra characters found in the Gujarati language. A simple click with the mouse on a character is suffice to insert it in the word processor.

Furthermore, you can bring up a separate window with the character map, send documents via email, export text to Unicode or DOC, open recent files, as well as configure the keyboard layout.

The application has a minimal impact on system resources, using a small amount of CPU and RAM. However, its response time is not very good, and it doesn't work properly on newer OS platforms. Unfortunately, English 2 Gujarati Character Convertor has not been updated for a very long time (we have encountered multiple errors).

English 2 Gujarati Character Convertor was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 21st, 2013
English 2 Gujarati Character Convertor - English 2 Gujarati Character Convertor's main window allowing you to convert your english words to Gujarati characters

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