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An easy to use and reliable software that can automatically generate content, based on key words, while offering you text editing tools

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First Draft is an intuitive and easy to use text editing application, capable of eliminating your writer’s block. It features automatic content generation, auto-word completion, long or short text outlines and based on a few key words or phrases, it can create an entire article.

Writing and previewing

Designed to be used as a journalistic tool, First Draft contains an editing area, where you may write your text and a previewing area, where the software formats the text automatically, just as it appears in the publication. The preview also supports displaying photos, statistic data about the article or hyperlinks.

The software comes in handy for journalists or freelance writers, in particular, due to its word counting functions. You may insert the price per word and let the software calculate the number of words contained in the article, the keywords, and the total earnings you might receive for publishing the text.

Built-in keywords

Based on certain words or phrases, the software can automatically generate lines, phrases, paragraphs or even entire articles. Thus, you may indicate the domain you are interested in writing about, by specifying the purpose of the article, people who benefit from it, actions that can be taken, tasks involved, results, aims, time or places.

You may insert a custom subheader and associate it with the rest of the key words. It results in the expansion of the field of interest, as well as adding more detailed content.

Writing tools

First Draft features numerous techniques that can help you write a successful article. Aside from the automatic content generation and word completion, the software enables you to consult vast online dictionaries and thesaurus, research a specific topic or list relevant phrases.

The default First Draft encyclopedia can constitute an important help in your research. However, the software can identify key phrases and match them with online news, thus expanding the knowledge base.


First Draft is not only an advanced text editor, but it also features writing tools, such as dictionaries, query helpers, built-in encyclopedias and access to online news databases. Additionally, the automatic content generating functions can help any journalist or freelance writer lay down a quality article in short time.

First Draft was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on January 3rd, 2015
First Draft - First Draft is a useful writing assistant, capable of auto-filling words, phrases or paragraphs, based on key words.First Draft - First Draft enables you to open a text file or start writing a new article and establish its outlines and key words.First Draft - Based on the key word, purpose and benefit, the program generates a phrase, a paragraph or a subtitle.First DraftFirst DraftFirst DraftFirst DraftFirst DraftFirst DraftFirst DraftFirst DraftFirst DraftFirst DraftFirst Draft

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