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A simple text editing software application that comes equipped with templates for some of the most commonly used programming languages

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One of the main attributes of a computer is that it can be used to write down text faster than conventional methods. Various applications give you the possibility to do so with different size, font and color so no two documents look alike. FluentNotepad is one of them and promises to deliver several options to make work with some of the most commonly used programming languages easier.

A familiar and intuitive user interface

Running the application reveals a workspace similar to your common office tools. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it saves you the time otherwise needed to get to know the application.

An upper toolbar is home to all functions needed to start working. Multiple documents can be run at the same time, cleverly stored in tabs above the virtual sheet of paper. You are able to write down anything, import from other documents, each line being numbered in a side panel.

Various programing language templates

Choosing to open a new file gives you the possibility to select one of the several templates provided. Besides the basic text editor, you gain access to C#, Java, HTML and a few more. Writing tools are available regardless of your choice, the only difference being that language specific syntaxes are highlighted.

You have the possibility to save a created document under any of the supported formats, regardless of the template you are working on, as well as importing the same amount of file types.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that FluentNotepad is a handy application to use if programing is your native language. It offers clever support through the various provided templates and the user friendly interface gets you accommodated immediately, so you start work as soon as possible.

FluentNotepad was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
FluentNotepad - This is the way FluentNotepad will allow you to choose the type of document you want to createFluentNotepad - This is the main window of FluentNotepad where you can start typing or paste your textsFluentNotepad - The Options sections will allow you to enable URL and e-mail hyperlinks within your textsFluentNotepad - You can access this section when you want to configure settings related to tabsFluentNotepad - FluentNotepad will offer you the possibility to customize the appearance of its interface

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