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A lightweight application that can fix long texts with unwanted space wraps and format the lines and column to a clear structure

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JoinLine is a user-friendly application designed to restore recorded lines from spreadsheets and databases files. Importing individual text records from such documents to other text files can result in wrapping of the text before the end of the line.

Solution for column arrangement

Transferring records from a data set to another file can damage the structure of the text records by breaking the lines before they end, thus forcing the records to begin and end in an unusual manner. For instance lines are ended at half their lengths and continued on the next row.

JoinLine can fix this issue by merging sequential groups of lines into a single line record. It can identify line length and character string patterns and join the lines where they divided. Optionally, the program can insert a blank space between the merged lines.

Setting limits

You can tweak the application’s performance by selecting a minimum limit for line length, thus enabling JoinLine to filter the text scan. Moreover, the program can detect non-printing characters and translate them into space or another user-specified symbol, letter or number.

Import, export or append

You can import text from clipboard or extract it from an input text file that you specify prior to the merging process. The results of the program are displayed in the lower half of the window, along with the name and path of the output file. You can export the merged text to a new file or append an existing one.

You can modify the settings and prompt the application to perform the task again, according to the new parameters, without re-importing the text, just click the Join Again button.


JoinLine is a lightweight and useful instrument for re-arranging damaged column structures in files, caused by data transfer. It can make the records easier to read and help you prepare the files for printing as well.

JoinLine was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
JoinLine - JoinLine is a simple software that fixes text files with long, fixed-length records and unwanted line wraps.JoinLine - You can import the source text by simply pasting it in if it is copied onto clipboard or by opening a text input file.

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