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Write down ideas or create basic web pages in HTML or PHP in an incredibly simple environment with options to upload to your server

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Text editors are not only used to write down notes or manage your documents, but also serve as a powerful means of creating web pages. It all comes down to having your code properly written and arranged in the page. Windows comes equipped with a basic text editing tool, but if you're looking for simple alternatives, NetEdit might just be your pick.

Plain and simple interface

You might feel a little confused when first running the application, not because of any strange design or abundance of options, but rather the complete absence of toolbars or any other buttons you want to try out. There's the default file menu and the rest of the space represents the input field.

Can process TXT and HTML files

Sure enough it's a pretty simple method of quickly writing down ideas. There are a few basic font settings you can manage, such as style, size or color and they don't apply to the whole text unless you select it first. However, these settings need to be accessed from the file menu, with no implemented context menu for quick access, nor the possibility to pin options to your toolbar.

Needless to say that you can open basic TXT files and also save under this format. Support extends a little, with the possibility to import HTML, ASP and PHP. This comes in handy in case you want to create a web page, but there is no syntax highlighter, which cuts out a great deal of practicality.

Upload data to your server

Furthermore, the application comes with a few more features that aim to help out when working with a server. This is limited to text and accessing the upload menu lets you write down credentials to a FTP server, specify a destination path and have text uploaded. There's also the possibility to preview your work in the default browser, with options for ASP, HTML or PHP, depending on the language you prefer.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that NetEdit is a poor choice when it comes to text editors or anything else the application wants to be. You can create web pages under a few formats, but the complete lack of counters for characters or words, line numbering and syntax highlighter make it difficult to use in this regard. Sadly, you get the same amount of power from using Windows' basic text editor.

NetEdit was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on January 26th, 2015
NetEdit - In the main window of NetEdit you can easily input the text and save it in a format you need.NetEdit - NetEdit also offers you some basic editing commands that are available from this menu of the application.NetEdit - With NetEdit you get instant preview of the text you provided in HTML, ASP or PHP modes.

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