Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor)

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Write and edit text with the help of this application which supports rich formatting, tables, images, barcodes and can save your work in many popular formats

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Nevron Text Editor is a reliable software designed to help you create text documents, edit phrases, format paragraphs and bullets, or to prepare the file for printing. You can easily open a text file or import the paragraphs from clipboard, then modify them using the powerful tools offered by the software.

User-friendly work space

You may view the workspace as a paper page against a grey background, a HTML spread or you can choose normal layout. Moreover, your text can be arranged in paragraphs or select the column view, written left to right, right to left or centered, as well as increase first line indent.

The software offers various text editing tools, such as accessible font picker, font size editor, insert text effects, bullets, superscripts, create text blocks and add word art. Moreover, you can customize the layout of your page by applying colors to the background or to the font, adding frames, or stroke the letters. Other options such as copy or paste text are available in the File menu or at the touch of the shortcut keys.

Insert graphic elements or tables

With Nevron Text Editor you can create article templates, presentations, thesis, essays, or other documents, that require specific elements besides text. You may easily insert images, barcodes, hyperlinks or tables. The table editor allows you to modify the setting, by adding new rows, columns or individual cells.

Additionally, you can set the size of the cells, the color of the background and the borders, as well as format their content. Moreover, you can use the language tools, such as spell check, word finder or word replacer.

Lightweight text editor and workspace

Nevron Text Editor is a simple to use software that enables you to create text documents, insert graphic elements or prepare them for printing. You may also export your text to multiple text file formats, such as TXT, DOCX, RTF, PDF or HTML. Moreover, you can manually edit the file title, author, category name, company, subject and comments, which is useful for identification and copyright, in case you wish to publish the text.

Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor) was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on March 1st, 2015
Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor) - The main window of the application enables users to enter their text and features a ribbon-style toolbar.Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor) - By accessing the dedicated tab users can insert page breaks, tables, images, barcodes and symbols.Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor) - Users can add borders or change the page background by accessing the Page Layout tab.Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor)Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor)Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor)Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor)Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor)Nevron Writer (formerly Nevron Text Editor)

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