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Notepad-7 is a word processing tool that intends to replace the default 'Notepad' application available through Windows. It can be easily installed and configured, even by first-time users.

The interface of the program is familiar and easy to work with. So, you can use some basic functions, such as cut, copy and paste.

But you can also change the font name, size and emphasis, insert the current date and time, as well as use a search and replace tool.

Additionally, you can enable word wrapping and display the status bar, undo your actions, as well as encrypt your document by assigning a password to it. In the status bar you can check out the length, number of lines, current line and column, along with the current selection position.

The simple-to-use software application needs a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, in order to work properly. It has a good response time but doesn't include a help file. Notepad-7 did not cause us any issues throughout our testing, such as freezing, crashing or popping up errors.

On the downside, the utility comes with limited features. Aside from the up-to-date interface and encryption method, Notepad-7 does not really offer something extra, compared to Windows' 'Notepad". Nevertheless, novices may easily get around this app's features, thanks to its familiar layout and overall simplicity.

Notepad-7 was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 1st, 2013
Notepad-7 - This is the main window of Notepad-7 where you can start writing or editing your textsNotepad-7 - You can access the View tab when you want to activate the Word Wrap function for a textNotepad-7 - Notepad-7 offers you the possibility to encrypt your texts so that they can no longer be read by unauthorized personsNotepad-7 - In order to read an encrypted text, users will be required to specify the correct password

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