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A comprehensive and easy to use piece of software meant to help you edit any .txt file that comes your way using a small set of tools

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QEdit is a little tool created and intended as an alternative to basic text editors. With it you are able to write or edit simple documents and save them on your computer. The application is built to deal with basic .txt and .csv files so anything above the complexity of those formats will not work properly.

Intuitive and basic text editor

QEdit is something far from complicated to use. It’s comprised out of a simple window from where you get to easily access every feature it has, which doesn’t amount to a lot.

With it you are able to insert text manually or by using the paste function, cut out a selection, and adjust the size of the text by zooming in or out. The latter function is only for previewing purposes while you are typing as QEdit enables you to choose between a large number of fonts, assign a certain style to them and select a custom size.

This however applies to the entire text, paragraph formatting being non-existent. QEdit is also fitted with ‘Undo’ / ‘Redo’ functions that allow you to correct mistakes.

Find words or phrases

Though .txt documents lack complexity by default, that doesn't mean that they are small in size or contain little quantities of text. To make it easier when you need to locate a certain word or string, QEdit provides a ‘Find’ function that is identical to that of some popular text editors.

It’s a feature that comes in very handy in cases where you need to find content inside CSV files which generally contain numerical data and specific terms which are clumped up together.

A practical text editor

To sum it up, QEdit doesn’t stand out a lot when compared to other editors in its performance class but it undoubtedly is a decent solution for anyone who is looking to edit simple text.

QEdit was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
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