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A simple and accessible word processor that can help you write novels, screenplays and more using a simple and intuitive set of features

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RoughDraft is a lightweight word processor that was designed a couple of years back as an all-in-one solution for creative writing. The application provides every basic tool and feature needed to write novels, short stories, articles, screenplays and more.

Basic interface for easy use

Since its development ended a couple of years back, the application was left with a rather plain GUI which might not seem so appealing to most of today’s users. So, as far as looks go, RoughDraft won't capture your attention in any special way but it is pleasing to see that it offers a straightforward and intuitive layout of the main window.

Typical to other word processors, RoughDraft displays all of its common and frequently used tools and features in toolbars that are situated at the top of the main window. From there you are able to choose the font type, size, color, text alignment, add bullets, save the current project or undo a mistake.

More complex features are placed in menus and are equally easy to access and use.

A text only tool

RoughDraft can work with text in a lot of ways. You get to format paragraphs differently, change font color, add subscript, superscript and strikeout text, adjust line spacing and more. What it can’t do is offer support for image insertion, tables, footnotes and grammar checking.

Except for the latter, none of the previously mentioned are frequently used to write short novels or screenplays so their absence is not a major inconvenience. Additionally, you might not get help with grammar, but RoughDraft is fitted with a decent dictionary that can certainly come in handy.

Practical for those who need the basic stuff

All in all, despite the fact that the application has been discontinued, it’s still a handy tool and better than a lot text processors that have recently appeared. So, if you’re looking for a simple and practical tool to write with, then you can try RoughDraft.

RoughDraft was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 1st, 2014
RoughDraft - The main window of RoughDraft features a side panel for common operations.RoughDraft - From the File menu you can create an instant backup of all open documents.RoughDraft - RoughDraft features special modes for plays and screenplays that can be accesed from the Mode menu.RoughDraft - From the Edit menu users can choose to write their text in uppercase or lowercase.RoughDraft - In the Search menu users can find or replace certain words in their current text file.RoughDraft - From the View menu you can configure your interface by adding or removing toolbars.RoughDraft - In the Text menu users can choose to apply background color or change the text color.RoughDraft - From the Paragraph menu you will be able to align your text, apply spacing or add bullets.RoughDraft - The spellcheck from the Tools menu will underline all the misspelled words you typeRoughDraft - In the Options window you can change the font style and size of your text.

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